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Registry Cleaner Reviews - LightSpeedPC

"LightSpeedPC™ will help to increase your PC's overall speed and performance by fixing computer errors and cleaning up junk files."
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This is a very simple and straightforward program that just does its job. Everything is so fast and you have so much hard disk capacity. Unfortunately, as time goes by and more files and programs are loaded into your hard disk, performance begins to degrade until your PC slows down, even freezes up sometimes, leaving you no choice except to restart the computer. With LightSpeedPC you can clean up your computer and delete all those files that slow down the performance of your PC.


LightSpeedPC maintains your PC at optimal processing speed by cleaning temporary files, removing malware files and optimizing operating system settings. You should know that before any changes to your registry settings are made, this program will create a backup of the systems settings. Below you can find details about the program benefits:

Speed Up Your PC - With this application you can detect useless processes, shutdown trivial and dangerous services and adjusting the virtual memory size properly.

Optimize Overall Performances - This feature distributes the CPU resources, adjusts the ram usage properly and efficiently, then your overall performances get optimized.

Clean Up Junk Files & Bad Entities - Of course it is annoying, but junk files will occupy your precious disk space, especially bad or invalid registry entries before you know it will lead to bad performance. That’s why, with this tool you can clean up junk files and bad entities to speed up your computer and get really high performance.

Decrease Start Up And Shutdown Time - This feature is very important for all users in general, the test results show that LightSpeedPC decreases start-up and shutdown time with success.

Fix Errors That Cause Crashes - Errors that cause crashes are a result of bad registry entities or bad device drivers and LightSpeedPC can fix them.

Backup & Restore - This feature is able to provide safety for your PC when you use this tool. With one click you can back up any folder or file on your PC.


The program is free to download and try but in order to fix your problems (after you have detected them and consider it a good investment) you need to register it. If for any reason you don't like the program after you have purchased it, all you need to do is email the support team in 8 weeks and they'll refund your money. The payment can be done through Paypal or directly using your credit card using Visa, MasterCard, Amex, JCB. All purchases are confidential.


LightSpeedPC does a great job identifying potential problems. Like usual we have run LightSpeedPC through extensive antivirus tests and it came out impeccable. No malware alerts or rogue software came up. Uninstalling the program you will not encounter any problem.


The website provides an email address where you can contact the LightSpeedPC support team. LightSpeedPC does not provide an offline guide.


Being a straightforward application, there are not many advanced or complicated settings to deal with, and those that exist are quite easy to understand and use. Having a brand new PC is refreshing indeed. LightSpeedPC makes it easy and secure for you to speed up your computer. Operating Systems: Windows / XP / Vista / 2000 / 2003 / 7 / 8 32-bit and 64-bit

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