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Meet the team

Behind the scene

Blueberry Technologies LLC
3217 Sunset Blvd.
Jeffersonville, Indiana 47130

We are a team of consultants specialized in Microsoft Windows desktop solution for small and medium business offices. In our work, we help companies deploy software solutions in heterogenous environments, where compliance, intercommunication and speed are of utmost importance.

What is this website about

Dedicated to optimizing your system

Having solved many problems in our ample experience with desktop installments, we are now very good at detecting and fixing many of the problems we encounter. But this can be a very tedious job to do manually, and using a very good program to solve at least the most common ones can help us speed up this process considerably.

We have searched for registry cleaners and found that there are very many out there. While this can be a very good thing, the sheer number of choices can also impede decision making. It took us a lot of time to decide for ourselves and for our clients because of the lack of good objective reviews out there. We now share the results of our research with you.

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