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Registry Cleaner Evaluations - RegUtility

"RegUtility™ is an all-in-one system utility to safely scan, clean up, maintain, optimize and speed up your PC. RegUtility is the safest and most trusted solution to clean registry, fix and optimize your PC, free it from registry errors and fragmented entries."
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Number 3 in our top 10 registry cleaners is RegUtility, which is an easy, user-friendly and effective registry cleaner. The program does not have some of the confusing features its competitors have. You can see from the design of the interface that this program is meant to be used by people who just want their computer fixed at the push of a button and to find most registry errors in their system. So if you want an application which just works, without much input, this is what you've been looking for.


The program is an all-in-one system utility to safely scan, clean, maintain, identify missing, corrupt or invalid items in your Windows registry, optimize and speed up your PC. RegUtility is a safe and trusted solution to free your PC from registry errors and bad applications. This program uses a high performance detection algorithm to spot and repair all kind of PC errors. Below you can find details about the program benefits:

Clean Center – Clean and detect junk or unnecessary files, which will make your system run faster, more efficient and free up valuable space.

Optimize Center – This feature offers you a chance to optimize memory usage, like increasing your system performance by making more RAM available for your applications and the operating system. Also it's able to correct Internet connection problems resulting from buggy or improperly removed Layered Service Provider (LSP) software.

Advanced Tools – If you have problems with your computer, there is a list of errors you can check that the program will repair, also this section offers you a chance to block bad ActiveX's, as well as to re-register ActiveX's to work more safely. Here you have IE manager, which allows you to reinstall Internet Explorer's default settings and repair errors. Restoration of the original settings would also eliminate malware from your browser. It can also help you manage all the services that are currently installed on your computer system.


The program is free to download and also online scan your system from the website. All purchases are confidential, private and fully refundable. For any reason, if you don't like the program after you have purchased it, all you need to do is email the support team in 60 days and they'll refund your money. Plus, after you'll be convinced that it does a very good job with the many features it provides, you can recommend it to your friends, and you can all buy it at a discount price of 3 licenses. The payment can be done through paypal or directly using your credit card using a secure transfer order.


RegUtility does a great job identifying potential problems. Like usual we have run RegUtility through extensive antivirus tests and it came out impeccable. No malware alerts or rogue software came up. Uninstalling the program you will not encounter any problems. RegUtility has a good backup system where you can restore your previous settings. All purchases are confidential.


The online help file is very well organized and the information is structured and not very technical so everyone can understand it. The website provides live chat available to assist with any kind of problems and also provides an email address where you can contact the RegUtility support team. RegUtility does not provide an offline guide.


RegUtility repairs all kind of registry errors and enhances performance and stability of your PC. It keeps track of all problems resulting from missing, broken or wrong applications, missing or corrupt application IDs and it also repairs all kinds of commonly known problems like crashing, freezing and blue screens. Above all RegUtility monitors programs that run on your PC and stops spyware and Trojans. Operating Systems: Windows 2000/2003/XP/Vista/7

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