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Registry Cleaner Evaluations - NetDuster

"NetDuster™ is a powerful utility that virtually obliterates all the potential threats to your private information that is stored inside your computer."
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NetDuster is evaluated at number 5 in our top 10 registry cleaners. This application will help you get rid of all the old and useless temporary files, registry keys and internet cookies that can slow down your PC. It allows you to choose from a variety of predefined cleaning options for novice and intermediary users and it also gives you additional options with an Advanced Mode for expert users. NetDuster can be found in many languages like English, Spanish, French and German.


NetDuster is developed to satisfy both the novice users and the PC experts and it also provides you the ultimate Optimization and Privacy Suite. The program correctly detected a great deal of invalid settings related to the system files which is a big plus because those are very important to the proper functioning of the entire system. Below you can find details about the program benefits:

Quick Clean - Offers you a pre-configured fast and basic cleaning option. You are one click away from cleaning the Internet Cache, removing Internet Cookies, deleting your Internet Browsing History and erasing Typed URLs. Also it will clean the Clipboard, clear the Open and Save Dialogs entries, remove the history of recently opened documents, empty your computer Recycle Bin, clear the Run Dialog entries and your Search Assistant.

Cookie Clean - This feature will get rid of all the unwanted cookies left in your computer's hard-drive by any of the pages you visited during your online activities. It eliminates the cookies that are stuck in your computer to prevent sites selling your personal information to companies. Cleaning cookies has never been so easy before, one click away.

History Clean - Here you can clear your Internet History, it will erase your browser History files, empty the temporary Internet Files, clean your search bar and delete any typed in URLs, whether you are an Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Opera user.

Privacy Clean - You know that any website visited, any application used, nearly anything you do with your PC is stored on your hard disk. It means that anyone who is using your computer can see where you have been online, what files you've opened or created, all your passwords, your online banking and credit card information, basically all the information about you. If you want those eyes away, you will be amazed how well NetDuster can help.

Registry Clean - This new section provides you with all the needed tools to scan your registry in order to fix or remove all the invalid references that cause system instability, errors, crashes, blue screens and system slowdowns. If you employ NetDuster to remove these invalid entries, your PC will start and run faster for a very long period of time.

Deep Clean - With this feature NetDuster will basically erase all activity traces from your computer. Your PC will be clean, as new and work with an outstanding performance.

Advanced Mode - This section allows you to fully customize your own plan for cleaning. Yes, it is a powerful tool designed for the advanced and expert users and gives you full control over NetDuster's cleaning abilities.


The program is free to download and use, but the problems reported in the registry can only be fixed by purchasing a license. The program is guaranteed for sixty days with full refund if you don't find it useful. If you are pleased how the program works you can recommend it to your friends, and you can buy it at a discount price of 2 licenses. All purchases are confidential. The payment can be done through Paypal or directly with your credit card using a secure transfer order.


NetDuster does a great job identifying potential problems. Like usual we have run the program through extensive antivirus tests and it came out impeccable. No malware alerts or rogue software came up. Uninstalling the program you will not encounter any problem.


The online help is pretty good and there is a walkthrough explaining how to use the program from installation through using its features to registration. There is also the option of offline assistance.


NetDuster says it will clean your registry, delete internet cookies and in one click, clear your internet history by erasing browser history files, deleting temporary internet files, clearing your search bar, erasing typed-in URLs, yes it's true, try it to see for yourself. It also finds and removes invalid references to executable files that run automatically when Windows starts up. NetDuster is compatible with many operating systems such as Windows 2000, Server 2003, XP, Vista, 7 & Win 8 (32 or 64 bit).

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