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Facilitating feedback

Because not everyone is willing to fire up the email client just to make a quick observation, we have decided to change the contact information from email to a form. You can now quickly provide feedback, whenever you have something interesting to say.

We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Updating the Top
Keeping check

We have initially decided to gather as many programs as we could possibly find and try to evaluate them all. We have decided to do it even if the programs are very bad because they can serve as an example of what not to invest into. The only problem is updating them all when we change the evaluation system, or when a new version of the program comes up.

So from now on, we will only maintain a reasonable selection of programs, for all kinds of interests, and avoid bothering with very bad programs. This also means that if new better appear, they may take the place of programs already in our top.

Our new FAQ section
You asked, we answered

Because many of our clients asked similar questions, and they are not interested in reading all of our blogs or search the Internet for cryptic answers, we have gathered the most frequently asked questions and put them online. They're sorted in the order of importance, so we hope you'll find your answers quickly.

We will post new questions and their answers online whenever we encounter more that we're often asked about.

The new Windows
New, gleaming Windows

It has been a while since last time. This year looks very promising. There are controversial news about the new version of Windows (Windows 7), and we're all very curious about how it will turn up.

Windows Vista had almost the success of Windows ME, if not less. The beta version of Windows 7 was quite well received though, and many of our clients are looking forward to test driving it. Right now, there is no registry cleaner for Windows 7, but we'll have to wait and see if and how much one is needed.

Happy Holidays
Happy holidays!

We know everybody must be very busy these days, but we just wanted to wish you all Happy Holidays.

We hope you have been taking care of your computers very well, so you won't be needing our services... because they tend to be very expensive this time of year.

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